Specialising in professional lawn mowing and cleaning services in Australia, our committed services are offered to both residential and commercial properties. The expert team members ensure that the services are of premium quality with complete satisfaction guaranteed to the clients at an affordable rate.

Here is the comprehensive range of services offered by KDS Lawn Mowing.

Lawn Mowing

Give a fresh and vibrant look to your garden with our skilful lawn mowing services that can also be custom designed as per the client requirements. The reliable and proven lawn mowing services include quick grass cutting, gutter cleaning, hedging and pruning. From turf laying to soil management and fertilizing, we make sure that our services are effective for both commercial and residential gardens.


Accurate shaping and snipping of wild bushes, small trees and shrubs require high-quality tools that KDS Lawn Mowing is equipped with. By adding a pleasant look to the hedges while removing unwanted trees with smart snipping, we not only shape up the garden with high precision but maintain its sharp look. The snipping and pruning equipment is procured from the best quality materials to provide amazing results.

Removal and Disposal of Rubbish/Debris

KDS Lawn Mowing comes with a dedicated team who are trained to perform all kind of removal and disposal of rubbish and debris from the gardens. Our thorough clean-up procedure is highly effective and hassle-free, completed within a day. The team members remove both hard and green waste and rubbish, cleaning up space neatly. Get back your garden space in no time!

Removal of Weeds/Chemical Spraying

With professional mowing and gardening services, KDS Lawn Mowing ensures that all kind of unwanted weeds isremoved from the garden. We also believe in implementing eco-friendly ways to remove the chemicals that are sprayed on the gardens to avoid pest. The tailor-made services not only gives a wonderful makeover to the garden but makes the gardens and lawns safe and non-chemical for everyone to enjoy.

Strata/Real Estate Maintenance

Offering a complete range of real estate maintenance services, KDS Lawn Mowing is equipped with a qualified team who can not only keep a check on gutter cleaning, drywall maintenance, drainage repairs and carpet cleaning but can also offer custom designed landscaping and strata maintenance services. The comprehensive property care services are ideal for both residential and commercial sectors, enhancing the value of the real estate seamlessly.

For further details, feel free to contact us now and get detailed consultation with our customer support.